Novel bile acid therapy to treat liver diseases

About Qing Bile

Qing Bile Therapeutics is a preclinical stage, private Canadian biotechnology company founded in 2015 based on research from Dr. Victor Ling’s laboratory at the University of British Columbia and BC Cancer Agency.

Qing Bile has identified tetrahydroxylated bile acids (THBAs) to treat cholestatic and metabolic diseases with high unmet need.

Qing (“Ching”) is derived from the Chinese word for clear/pure.


Science of THBA

the discovery

THBAs are novel bile acids that are not normally present in the mouse or human bile. Qing Bile’s scientists discovered THBA in Bsep -/- mice, a model of human progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type II (PFIC2).

While livers of Bsep -/- mice are enlarged compared to control mice, they showed a non-progressive, mild cholestatic phenotype with normal levels of liver indicators and normal hepatocyte morphology.

Higher levels of THBA (generated by polyhydroxylation of bile acid) was associated with detoxification of bile acid pool, reduced liver injury, and promoted the survival of these animals.

Qing Bile has identified superior THBA isomers for IND-enabling studies.

Advantages of THBA

THBAs are less hydrophobic - less toxic than UDCA (current standard of care) and norUDCA (in clinical development for PSC) in human hepatocyte toxicity assay, and more effective in a gold standard cholestasis model.


THBA acts as a hydrophilic solute to :

  • Detoxify bile acid pool

  • Stimulate bile flow

  • Reduce cholangitis, inflammation, and fibrosis

  • Lower risk of liver failure and hepatocellular carcinoma

THBA may be complementary to other therapies that aim to decrease liver exposure to bile acids.


Therapeutic Focus

Our lead preclinical candidates (QBT-002 and QBT-006) are ready for IND-enabling studies and our focus is on rare diseases - progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC) and primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), where there are currently no approved medical therapies. THBA has also been tested in a preclinical model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) with initial positive results.


Founding Team

Victor Ling OC, OBC, PhD - President, CEO, Head of SAB

Dr. Victor Ling is the co-inventor of THBA platform and is the Founding President and Scientific Director of Terry Fox Research Institute. He is also the former Associate Dean Cancer Research at the University of British Columbia and VP Research at BC Cancer Agency. Dr. Ling is an internationally renowned scientist, and he and his team is recognized for the discovery of P-glycoprotein (MDR) associated with multiple drug resistance in cancer, the bile acid transporter in liver (BSEP), and for the superfamily of ABC transporters. Dr. Ling’s work to date has been documented in over 200 peer-reviewed publications.

Renxue Wang PhD - VP Research & Development

Dr. Renxue Wang is the co-inventor of THBA platform, working together with Dr. Ling for over 20 years.

Charles Chee - Director of Corporate Development & Administration

Mr. Charles Chee has 30+ years’ experience in pharmaceutical regulatory compliance and GMP operations at Sandoz, Allelix/NPS, GSK, Biovail, and LifeLabs.

Simon Lee CPA, CGA - CFO

Mr. Simon Lee is a technology start-up investor and CFO.

Bloom Burton & Co.

Bloom Burton & Co. is a leading Canadian healthcare investment firm and aims to accelerate returns in healthcare for clients and investors. They are also co-founders of Appili Therapeutics, Satellos Bioscience, and Triumvira Immunologics.

Scientific Advisory Board

Richard Thompson MRCP, MRCPCH - Scientific Advisor

Dr. Richard Thompson is a Professor of Molecular Hepatology at King’s College London and Clinical Lead for the Liver Molecular Genetics service. Dr Thompson’s group has discovered several novel genes, including BSEP, causing pediatric liver diseases. He led multiple PFIC and Alagille Syndrome clinical trials.

Bruce Morimoto PhD - Scientific Advisor

Dr. Bruce Morimoto is the Vice President, Drug Development Operations at Alkahest. Prior to Alkahest, he was the Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Applied Translational Medicine at Celerion and Vice President, Drug Development at Allon Therapeutics with orphan drug development expertise.

Malik Slassi PhD - Scientific Advisor

Dr. Malik Slassi has 25+ years’ experience in medicinal chemistry at Trillium Therapeutics, Fluorinov Pharma, Allelix/NPS, Cascade Therapeutics, and Boehringer Ingelheim Research.



For investment, partnership, or general inquiry, please contact:


Phone: 416-453-5399

Qing Bile is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with an office in Toronto at JLABS @ Toronto, located at 661 University Avenue, Suite 1300, MaRS Centre, West Tower, Toronto, ON M5G 0B7 Canada.